Quarterdays is a series of four EPs of original musical pieces by Gav recorded as a musical response to the lore and cultural history of the old Scots Quarter Days. Each EP was recorded as a duo and with a different musical partner for each one, to give each of these mini-albums their own colour and character.

Candlemas with Aaron Jones (cittern),
Whitsun with Wendy Stewart (harp),
Lammas with Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa),
Martinmas with Phil Alexander (accordion/ piano)

The Quarterdays music is inspired by and dedicated to aspects of the lore, ritual, and the cultural history surrounding these special festival days and their function as markers of the annual cycle of the seasons. Fire and holy water, food, saints, farmers, fairies, hopes, prayers and magic all mingle within the hiring fairs and the healing wells as the months pass.

In production are both a complete collection box set of all four discs plus a booklet of extensive sleeve notes AND an accompanying tune book including all the tunes from all the discs.

On Candlemas:

“First quarter excellent, can’t wait for the others.” - Marc Higgins, Fatea

“These two can make their instruments sit up and beg… breathtaking melodies - absolutely fabulous” - FolkWales

“It is ‘A Flame of Gold’ that beckons you indoors where Gavin’s bewitching air, Aaron’s thoughtful and gentle accompaniment, the warmth of flames and embers and the shimmering of sparks and candles offer shelter from the bony hand of midwinter.
A short, warming album for a long, cold season.”- Bob Langstaff, Spiral Earth

On Whitsun:
“A delightful set of tunes deeply rooted in Scottish history and traditions.” - folking

“Really impressive… entrancing new tunes, superbly written in the traditional style” - FolkWales

“the beautiful melodies and gentle interplay between Gavin Marwick’s fiddle and Wendy Stewart’s harp perfectly capture the atmosphere of a warm late-spring and come next May I’ll definitely be celebrating my favourite time of the year with a few spins of the Quarterdays: Whitsun EP.” - Darren's Music Blog

“I am thinking once all four EPs are available it would make a very nice Christmas present!” - Pal Carter, Folk London

On Lammas:
“Another lovely suite of original music” - folking

“These are all new Marwick tunes but this sounds as old as the earth and landscape this set celebrates.” - timespastandtimespassing

On Martinmas:

“a distinct pan-European flavour to some of the tunes, reflecting, perhaps, the widespread influence of St Martin” - Scotsman

“Positively rocking… We have enjoyed all four of the Quarterdays EPs and heartily recommend them” - folking