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Firelight Trio play European folk music that is evocative, inventive, and endlessly exciting. Driving fiddle and stately nyckelharpa meet deep accordion grooves in a rich tapestry of lively Swedish polskas and Scottish reels, lilting French waltzes, toe-tapping klezmer, dazzling original tunes and more. Featuring Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa) and Phil Alexander (accordion and piano).More info on their website: https://www.firelighttrio.co.uk/      

To contact Gavin please email him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MOONSHINE is the long awaited follow up to THE BLUE LAMP and UP IN THE AIR, the much loved 1990’s albums by Jonny Hardie, Gavin Marwick and Davy Cattanach (Old Blind Dogs, Iron Horse, Catford, Bellevue Rendezvous, Unusual Suspects).  On MOONSHINE there are songs though the tune sets are foremost, with the instrumentation and arrangements swapping between the twin fiddles of Gav and Jonny, Jonny and Davy on guitars, and Davy’s percussion.  It’s a fine mix of material - airs, strathspeys, reels and marches from the Scottish tradition from sources like The Mackintosh Collection, Simon Fraser and Skinner; also recent Scottish compositions including their own; tunes from Ireland, Canada and Asturias - all presented in an acoustic and contemporary setting and beautifully produced by Jonny Hardie.

 The songs are of recent vintage and mostly written by Davy Cattanach. Having sung together so much over the years Jonny and Davy form a tight vocal harmony unit; Davy takes the lead in his own songs (Today/ Witch of Findrack/Spiked Your Drink) and Jonny leads Peter Stott’s lovelorn Woe Is Me.

This is a fantastic album from three musicians who clearly enjoy playing together and supporting each other with their combined talents.

JYM001 - TANGENTS - Bellevue Rendezvous